My big fat American Wedding

Waking up and looking at my phone I witnessed the damage: 13 missed calls, 29 messages and hardly any battery left. What?! Apparently I got married. Congratulations to me. Or at least that’s what all the messages said.What the hell happened? Well, my friends happened. As a great
prank of the new year, good friends Frank and Conor rallied some troops and started congratulating me on my Facebook wall with my new marriage. Very well done, boys.

Total tourists

That was January, since then I was lucky enough to attend a Spanish wedding AND a Dutch one. Today though, Annemiek and I were invited to an all American wedding, from Walter and Kerry, who are part of the American-Dutch connection. Exciting times, as it was predicted to be a big wedding, with a Black Tie dresscode and a fancy dinner. Before wrestling with my self-tie bow tie, though, (inspired by contemporary style icon James bond, I figured I had to get myself a self-tie bow tie too, so I could untie it at the end of the evening and look incredibly casual chic -more on that later), we had half a day to spare and decided to spend it walking around the centre of DC.

IMG_4920 (1)

The Washington Monument. Why didn’t they call it the Clinton Monument? Would be more appropriate.


How can you go to DC and not take a selfie at the White House. Apparently I can’t. Also, why do you spell the name of a place where some dude liveswith capital letters? Let’s not.

IMG_4953 (1)

I remember talking with this man two years ago. He demonstrates non-violently against nuclear weapons, right opposite the white house. Brave man.

IMG_4955 (1)

Unless the people in power want to make some serious money, when IS war the answer? Btw, what is the question?
IMG_4954 (1)

Nice bit of photoshop, mate.

IMG_4922 (1)

Look at these bad boys on their Harleys, protecting mr. Obama and his little family.

The wedding

SO! Time for my very first Big Fat American Wedding. As said earlier, James Bond with his self-tie bow tie is about as cool as it gets, and so I had decided to at least try to equal his coolness (lost cause, but hey. Dream big!). Knowing full well how to tie a normal tie, I was confident a bow tie would not be too difficult. Haha. How wrong I was. I’m usually done and ready to go fairly quickly, or at least quicker than my lovely Spanish roommate, but MAN tieing a bow-tie is impossible. Bernie was gonna pick us up at 5pm, and knowing that I started getting dressed at 4, more than on time. Around 4.45 I was still sitting in my shirt and underwear, desperately cursing at myself for trying to be as cool as Daniel Craig in Casino Royale. Sad and depressed my bow tie looked at me, almost visibly encouraging me to carry on. By some miracle, at 4.55, all of a sudden my bow tie was in place. Talk about timing.

The wedding itself was INCREDIBLE. If I were ever to get married, I’d do it like Walter and Kerry. I’m anything but a hopeless romantic, but their loving chemistry is inspiring. They look strong together, with an unspoken, almost palpable happiness that lit up the room. Looking out over the river, the Potomac, that runs through Washington DC, they read each other their self written vows in front of all their friends and family. Cocktail hour followed, after which delicious dinner was served. Before I knew it, it was time for the father-daughter dance, a brilliant brother-sister dance and speeches that moved the room.


Almost an hour of frustration went into this outfit. Well at least the bow tie is straight. Kind of. 


The first dance.


Together with the lovely Sherry who sat next to me at the dinner table. Also the same woman who made her move when the slow dancing started. “You want to slow dance with me, young man?” – Sure! 😀

And there was dancing. Lots of dancing. First, just the young bunch, then later also the old(er) guard made an appearance. I’ve never seen Annemiek have so much fun as when a tall, dark, beautiful bearded young man came up to dance with her.  


Annemiek killing it on the dance floor.


Can you spell happiness?

I went outside to cool and calm down a bit. Sitting on the terrace watching the lights of the flats towering over the river banks of the Potomac, hearing the music coming from a couple of yachts anchored in the harbour, I counted the American flags around me. 23. Twenty-three? When is having twenty-three flags ever appropriate? Seems a tad excessive, doesn’t it?


There it is. My casual chic JB look. Not sure what is going on in this picture.

IMG_5048Sitting by myself at the harbour, cooling down a little.

It was here, sitting by myself, surrounded by loud music and strange people, where I felt a little alone. Not lonely, but alone. Not sure how to describe it, and it sounds pretty depressing, which it wasn’t in any way. Sometimes you just have this, when you go to new places, meet new people but fail to make a true connection. Not because of the people, it’s just, sometimes you’re just not in the right mindset or something. Nothing sad, just a little alone. Ah well. Never mind. :)

Back inside, the partying continued and at some point I found myself dancing my ass off with a big, orange (I think :’) ) cowboy hat on my head. “Not bad,” I thought, “been in the US for two days and already scored a cowboy hat.”


Eh, yeah. So this was how much fun the party was at the end of the night. Illustrates it pretty well.

The wedding was full of hard core fun, heartfelt happiness and good food and drinks. Walter and Kerry, thank you so much for having me (us) there. You guys look incredible together, and from what I can gather, you ARE. I wish you all the greatness, happiness and luck in the world. Go make it yours! (also, I said it before, and will say it again: please come visit me when you are in Barcelona some day (any day), so I can show you around!)

As I’m writing this, Annemiek is in bed upstairs and has been all day. She’s not feeling well. I once heard the quote “Drinking alcohol is basically just borrowing happiness from tomorrow.” Maybe she’s borrowed a little bit too much last night..

Alright, guys. Thanks a lot for reading my silly stories and brain farts, talk to me in the comments below, I love that!

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