Hi you. Welcome. My name is Jesper. This is a travel blôg. It is mine, although I’m not really sure whether you can actually own something that exists solely in cyber space. Or maybe it’s all just in my mind. Anyway, here is a photo of me.


Sorry, I’m a all dirty. I probably should have taken a shower beforehand.

Here’s one where I’ve actually taken a shower that very day (seriously, I usually do, I don’t know what happened with the photo earlier):

IMG_5292 (1)

Sorry mom. Look away please. But look at my hair freshly waving in the wind.

Behind the blog

My grandmother told me once, as we walked onto the Red Square in front of the Kremlin in Moscow: “It is very important to see something of the world.”

I was about 14 years old and was wearing one of those typical big Russian winter hats, even though it was the start of summer and it was bloody hot. I smiled at her and nodded, not knowing just how right she was at the time.

I quickly took off my hat and years later, now that she is no longer here, her words have stuck with me like a stripper exotic dancer with the herps.


My grandmother and I during our trip to Thailand. Notice there is way less hair, less beard and about 20 kilo less Jesper on this photo. Think of it like this: now there is a lot more to love.

Anyway, I keep going on about my grandmother, I was supposed to write something about the blog.

Look at it like this. I can be quite a big disaster, and my brain only seems to be able to fit so many travel stories in there before replacing the one with the other.

So now there is this travel blôg. What it actually is though, is a big, silly scrapbook with all the stories, adventures, excitement and brain farts of my travels, to make sure that I don’t lose them forever.

About the Viking thing? Well, I’ve got a beard and long hair. That’s kind of where the similarities stop. (#nopillaging)

You are more than welcome to jump aboard, and hey, you might even enjoy it if you don’t mind listening to my silly ramblings and strange brain associations. If not, I tend to take a lot of photos. Don’t like those either? Maybe you’re in the wrong place, because that’s all I offer really (unless you’re in the game for a spectacular private tour of Barcelona)


Want to talk with me regarding media enquiries, freelance work, collaborations, or what shampoo I use? I’m just one email away at thisistravelviking@gmail.com. Obviously you can also find me on Facebook and Twitter too, if that’s more your cupatea.

IMG_8425 copy

Enough with the photos, be gone with you! (Check out, for example, my great Morocco story, or that time I discovered how terrible Vegas was, or how I punched Vegas right back in the face)

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24 thoughts on “About

  1. Love your take on how to write an about page! And I’ll be honest: the private tour of Barcelona does sound like fun – My kids would want to pull your beard though: would there be an extra charge for that? 😉

  2. I like your story, and I like your granny :) bless her. And if you want, you can still cut your hair and start swimming to lose weight? But seriously – you are funny, smart and comfortable in your own skin. Nothing better than that :)

  3. Hahahaha, love it! You wrote this very well :) And your grandmother, amazing! I even wish to be able to travel with my mom like this, let alone my grandmother.
    She’s gone now for just over a year (at 97 you got other journeys to fulfill 😉 and I still got her hat. Take that over the world now, to make her travel with me :)

  4. Nice to meet you Jesper! Sounds like your Gran was an amazing and inspirational woman. Sorry she is no longer around but how amazing that you carry on her legacy! Looking forward to reading more about your adventures!

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